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myAstro is a kind of astrotherapy - combining astrology with psychology - that provides context to better understand both the opportunities and difficult times in your life. We provide practical and psychological guidance to help you to make the most out of all your phases and relationships. Add unlimited profiles to your account to enhance your relationships.
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Unique Horoscopes
  • Daily personalized insights into your Personal Growth, Career, and Love Life based on your birth data
  • Discover what actions to take to get the most out of the opportunities and challenges that lie in front of you
  • Get actionable insights into your current, future and past important phases
  • Learn about yourself: your strengths and challenges can help explain who you are
  • A tool for self-exploration
  • Learn more about what motivates your family, friends, and anyone in your list
Best Days for You
  • myAstro scans the future to find great days (and days to avoid) to perform hundreds of activities related to Money, Career, Love, Fun, Home, and Health.
  • Get alerts to help you plan your activities ahead of time
  • Exclusive to myAstro

Personalized Relationship Forecasts
  • Add unlimited lovers, friends, family members, and co-workers
  • Find out what’s in store for your relationships every day
  • Improve your relationships by truly knowing what motivates your partner
Best Days for You & Friends
  • myAstro scans the future to find great days (and days to avoid) to do activities with your friends, family, and lovers
  • Find the best days to do things as a couple with your partner
  • Ideal for finding timing for dates, family activities, and work-related tasks
  • Also exclusive to myAstro
Astrology Reports
  • myAstro has over 50 reports in the categories: About Me, Business, Romance, Future Trends, Family, Birthdays, LGBTQ+, and Gifts
  • Natal Readings
  • Compatibility Readings
  • Forecast Readings
  • Birthday Readings
  • Our Astrologers

  • Get your and your friends Biorhythms
  • Three cardinal Biorhythms: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual
  • myAstro offers added cycles: Intuition, Spiritual, Awareness, and Aesthetic.
My Astro Birth Chart
  • Get your advanced birth-chart.
  • Planetary positions, speed, Latitude, declination, house positions.
  • Includes Node and Chiron aspects between planets
Astrology Resources

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