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We offer this free open-source database so that you can follow what is happening, astrologically, to your favorite – or least favorite – celebrity at the present time. You can even follow a certain company or nation that interests you. Also, you can see how you match up with a celebrity, company, or nation. The possibilities are intriguing. As you discover how astrology can give you insight into a person or entity, you may decide to find out more about yourself.

We offer a wide range of content, much of which is free, to gain a better understanding of who you are – your talents and your challenges. You can explore past events that may have shaped your life and see what was happening astrologically at that time along with text that may help you put things into perspective. With your daily forecast, you can tune into the rhythm of your life more easily while also being alerted to longer phases, lasting several months to years, affecting you now. At myAstro, we put a lot of emphasis on relationships. You can learn more about a present or potential partner as well as a daily forecast for the two of you. We offer relationship reports that detail how compatible the two of you are and where you may experience friction. The possibilities are virtually endless when you fully explore all that myAstro provides a user. We want you to get the most out of your life and your relationships. Give us a try and see what you think.

The data is collected from the Internet, Wikipedia.org, Astrodatabank and other sources. Some of the data comes from collectors who have shared the birth data. The time zone, latitude and longitude information from geonames.org. The copyright to logos of companies belongs to the respective companies. The intent of this database is for everyone to learn about astrology, and their birth chart to realize their full potential. For any issues with the data please email to [email protected]. The data is provided as is with no guarantee of its accuracy. myAstro.com will not be liable for any damages for using this data.