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myAstro is a kind of astrotherapy - combining astrology with psychology - that provides context to better understand both the opportunities and difficult times in your life. We provide practical and psychological guidance to help you to make the most out of all your phases and relationships. Add unlimited profiles to your account to enhance your relationships.

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Hyper Personalized Daily Forecast

The daily forecast is an interpretation of your transits/cycles based on your individual birth information. As you read this information, over time, you will discover the best ways to use the material in the forecast to your benefit. The daily forecast divides into three areas to help you focus on the area that might be more important to you at a given time.

The Daily Forecast sections:

Personal Growth: Shows how to best use the natural cycles of time to expand your self-knowledge. You can use this information to learn more about the nuances of your behavior as well as providing you with insight on how to get the most out of every day events.

Love/Romance: Helps you get the most from your close relationships. The love forecast focuses on personal data to help build better and more satisfying relationships. You can combine your forecast with the “Relationship forecast” or the timing section to enhance any relationship.

Money/Business/Career: This section of the forecast targets how to get the most out of each day regarding material concerns. The content here will focus on financial and career issues. You can use this information to time important business or career dealings. 

Multiple Forecasts: On certain days you might have more than one forecast; the forecast we feel is the most important will be shown first. You can read all the forecasts for a given day by clicking on the “Next” and “Prev” buttons that will appear above the forecast display area. Reading all the forecasts and comparing it to what is happening in your life will help you understand which forecast is having a greater effect.

Sample Daily Forecast for Angelina Jolie:

Daily Do's and Don'ts:

We all like to do our best each day. With our busy lives we have multiple things to take care of every day.

Do’s: Each day based on your personal horoscope, we calculate activities where you may get an edge, astrologically speaking, for better results

Don’ts: Similarly, we calculate what activities you may want to postpone to some other day that is more favorable. Both the above can be set as alerts to inform you ahead of time so that you have time to plan.

For example: Say you want to – “Go for an Interview”. You could set up an alert for this activity with a 1 week or 2 week notice. We will email you an alert in advance so that you can plan ahead.

Sample Daily Do's and Don'ts for Angelina Jolie:

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