Coronavirus — a coincidence?

Nick Symington

March 21, 2020

The worldwide shutdown due to COVID-19 is unprecedented. Here at myAstro, we could not have predicted COVID-19, but we did foresee that a conjunction between the planets Saturn and Pluto occurring on January 12, 2020. These two planets signify challenging circumstances worldwide when in conjunction and affecting the world point at 0 degrees of cardinal signs or individually when affecting someone’s birth chart.

Saturn signifies fear, isolation, consequences, laws, and limitations among other attributes. Pluto signifies extremes, manipulation, persistence, paranoia, and suppression among others. Together, we could say that they signify extreme fear, paranoia, and isolation as well persistent consequences, fear of manipulation, etc. Simply combine the attributes of the two planets, Saturn and Pluto, in any way, and you get a sense of how they combine together – in a harsh and unfavorable aspect.

When were the last Saturn Pluto Conjunctions?

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto occurs every 31 to 38 years. The last conjunctions were in:

2020 – Coronavirus Pandemic. Refugee crisis in Venezuela. Protests in Hong Kong. Yellow vest protests in France. [updated June 2, 2020 - Wide spread protests and curfews in USA over killing of George Floyd

1982 – HIV/AIDS pandemic, terrorist attacks in France and London, 700,000 demonstrators in NYC protesting the proliferation of nuclear weapons (Pluto = nuclear power and weapons).

1947 – International Monetary Fund formed. India and Pakistan gain independence, displacing 12 million people and leaving several hundred thousand dead creating overwhelming refuge crisis. Israel becomes a nation. (All three are now nuclear powers). Cold War began. CIA was established.

1914, 1915 – Start of World War I resulting in cessation of the then Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman and Russian empires. US Federal Reserve started operation. Financial panic of 1914 led to closures of stock exchanges.

1518 – German Martin Luther, exposed financial corruption in the Catholic Church, sparking massive reforms. This year saw the emergence of the “Dancing Plague”.

1350 – The height of the Black Death that ravaged Europe, Africa, and Asia

Saturn and Pluto can, however, manifest more positively for you individually when you set an intention and choose different attributes for Saturn and Pluto in combination. Saturn can mean the past and Pluto can mean transformation – so during this period you can transform your past or repetitive routines as well as transform what you have long accepted as true. For the world, it likely means no going back to the past; this is a time of rebirth, renewal (Pluto). Since Saturn can signify concentration and Pluto is about what is deep, this can mean a time of deep focus or concentration on what really matters (Pluto and Saturn). What is important is the intention whether by the world or individually.

How do we get the most out of this conjunction as a global community?

It will be tempting for leaders to abuse their authority and enforce extremely restrictive laws that violate the civil liberties of their people. But this conjunction of Saturn and Pluto highlights what’s fundamental and basic, whatever is at the core of a nation and its people. Generally, that would refer to a country’s constitution or set of principles that underlie the functioning of a nation. Disregard what is fundamental and basic at your own peril; this conjunction can signify a steep price to pay as time unfolds.

When do things improve?

As the two planets separate from each other, the effects of the Saturn Pluto conjunction upon the world should begin to subside. In mid to late May 2020, Saturn, the faster of the two planets, is at its widest separation from Pluto until late December of 2020, when the two start to move farther apart. In late September and early October, Saturn and Pluto are closer – less than 3 degrees apart. While they never form a conjunction again during this cycle, the period from mid-September to mid-October 2020 could intensify their combined effects again.

When is the next Saturn Pluto Conjunction?

June 5, 2053, July 10, 2053, February 2, 2054

How will the Saturn-Pluto conjunction affect you personally?

On an individual level, find out when Saturn and Pluto together affected your life by creating a free account at myastro.com. You can see when the two were in conjunction in your birth chart in the past or will be in the future.

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